Intelligent dual head system

More than twice the fun.

Maximum design freedom

Enjoy maximum design freedom for FDM printing with dual head printing. Dual head printing gives you the ability to do:

  • Multicolor printing.

    Accentuate parts of your design with two different colors.

  • Multi material printing.

    Combine two materials to come to new innovative solutions. Surgeons use dual extrusion to print models to practice and study before they do the actual surgery.

  • Soluble support material.

    Create very complex structures with soluble support material. Make structures within structures and afterwards dissolve the support material.

Foldaway dual head system

Our foldaway extrusion system takes care of the most common problems with dual extrusion printers.

  • Prevents leakage of the non-used extruders on the object.

  • Prevents collision of the non-used extruder with the printed object.

  • Easy calibration between both hot-ends, no more manual fiddling with hot-ends to get them at the correct height with respect to each other.

How does it work?

1st nozzle active

The second nozzle is flipped back, and the first nozzle is lower than 2nd nozzle. The bed moves up a little bit.

2nd nozzle active

The second nozzle is flipped forward and is positioned lower than the first nozzle. At the same time the bed lowers a little bit.

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