FELIX Pro 2 - Designed for usability

Silent Operation at just 34 dBA

At only 34 dBA during printing, the Pro 2 is the ideal companion in the office environment, classroom or living room. A quiet eyecatcher which allows you to work without any distractions. It is the most silent desktop 3D printer available today.

Magnetic quick swap build plate

Our build plate is easily detachable from the machine. It is held in place with three strong magnets. Allowing quick and safe removal of an object from the build plate.


A heated build plate is essential to make reliable prints. It ensures that the foundation of a print (first layer) is printed flawlessly and kept attached to the build plate. It also prevents warping of your printer.


After extensive research, we found that our build plate solution, an aluminium sandwich plate fulfills the following requirements, which are important for a properly functioning build plate in our printer.


  • It remains flat even after countless heat cycles.

  • Very stiff, almost impossible to deform.

  • Lightweight, required for good dynamic behavior because we have a moving bed.

  • Uniform heat distribution, the plate is completely made from aluminium which distributes heat efficiently.

  • Quick warmup times, just 1.5 minutes to heat up to 60°C.

Quick Swap of the metal Hot-End,
5 second pit stop, changing the hot-ends

Exchanging a hot-end has never been easier, it's just as simple as replacing an ink cartridge on your paper printer. Leave your toolset behind, just open the cover and replace the hot-end within 5 seconds (after cooling off).

  • Ability to print a wider range of materials.

  • Copes with higher temperatures for a sustained time, increasing the printer's lifetime.

  • Strong Neodymium magnets, ensure the hot-end to snap firmly into place.

Wide range of connectivity options

Your printer has several connectivity options for you to use it in your preferred way.

  • USB connection.

    Print directly via a USB cable with Simplify3D printing software.

  • SD-card printing.

    Prepare print-jobs offline and print them directly from the printer via a microSD card.
    This is the most robust way to print.

  • Optional WIFI module.

    By using the Element from PrintR, you can control your printer via your internal WIFI network or via the cloud.This network feature makes multiple user control easy, ideal for office use.


With just 12kg, the FELIX Pro 2 is very portable. The printer can be configured into a compact package, by rotating the build plate module and detaching the foot. This is reduces shipment costs and stores your printer in a compact way.

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